Born and grown up in France in a bilingual family, I was graduated in 2016 from the renowned design school of Pforzheim (Germany). During my Bachelor of Art in Product Design, I worked, next by, on set concepts for several film projects of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, which gave me the opportunity to take a step in the art department.
I always find important to look for new horizon and have an open mind on different culture. Therefor I have combined several experiences to learn different workflows as further skills and knowledge for the field. This philosophy led me to do my internship in London, a six-month exchange program in South Korea, as taking part of the design Camp in Denmark in which I was chosen to represent my school.

Later on, I have pursued with the same conviction to work with Germany, French and Marocan crew for severals Film set.

Our world is, for me, the most important and inexhaustible source of inspiration that I tried to capture and adapt in the different atmosphere for each stories. So let´s see together whats the World holds.